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You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. -- Ray Bradbury

Ok so I thought it was time to update this Bio because since I last wrote it I have passed all my exams with flying colours yay! and will now not be ranting about the J.C. Thank god, believe me even I was sick of that :). But I will unfortunately still be talking about TV and books and everything else that grabs my obsessive attention:) since I'm still addicted to every tv show or book that has some form of friendship or brotherly bond in it.I never thought I'd start a blog but here I am, though I can't promise you that I'll go into to much detail since I'm kind of a private person, which basically defeats the purpose of starting a blog I know, but I'll start one anyway and see were it takes me,there might be a miracle and you'll get my whole life story(unlikely,sorry:(). I'll also talk a little about my writing which I'm finally getting back into after a rocky start in the fanfiction world (not updating a fic for two years is unforgivable!). So that's it for now. I would love to hear from people if they do read my blog and feel free to friend me, I need someone to get me out of my shyness on the internet! lol!

Bambles x x x x

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